Cashew Nuts

Our company is fully integrated in the value chain of Cashew nuts. We procure the Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) at the farm gate, process the RCN and supply Cashew Kernels (CKN), exporting them to international markets for use in various applications. Vink Corporation has a robust customer base across the globe delivering RCN and CKN meeting the global quality norms.


As we have done from inception, we procure raw cashew nuts directly from farmers in Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso and India, while we handle processing, packaging and exporting to international markets. 

All year round, dedicated teams work with farming communities to provide timely insight on raw cashew nut quality and crop profiles. This is enhanced by long-term relationships with large grower cooperative networks, which ultimately reduce our customers’ risk of supply interruptions. Also, sourcing directly from farmers guarantees full traceability for our products.

Our Raw Cashew Nut is traded in India and Vietnam.

For several years, our economic, social and environmental impact programs have been running in our sourcing communities. Through these programs, we support thousands of farmers in these communities to ensure that our engagements are long-term and mutually beneficial.

Cashew Processing

We have our Cashew Processing plant(s) in Benin and India. Our processing facilities meet Global Food Safety Management Systems (BRC Certified) standards. Our facilities also meet other international standards, to ensure that we deliver cashew kernels of superior quality consistently.

Our processing facilities are Kosher, and Halal certified.



Cashew Kernel Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing team is based out of Dubai, Benin & India. We supply cashew kernels to major retailers and to marque food companies globally. Our cashew kernels meet the stringent quality requirements of deserving customers

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Sales & Marketing

To be able to provide seamless service to out RCN customers, our sales team members are based out of Dubai, India & Vietnam, catering to customers in India and Vietnam.

Our CKN sales and marketing teams based out of Dubai, Benin and India work with major retailers and marque food companies globally.

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