Cocoa Beans

Our cocoa sustainability programs aim to bring impact in the following areas:

⦁ Improvement of farmer livelihoods by promoting sustainable farming practices, building farmers’ entrepreneurial abilities, diversifying income streams and more.
⦁ Strengthening of the local communities by building capacities, empowering women and young people and safeguarding human rights, with the elimination of worst forms of child labour a top priority.
⦁ Preservation and restoration of natural landscapes and of the biodiversity.
⦁ Delivery of maximum supply chain transparency, by investing in traceability, so we build trust in our cocoa
⦁ Securing and increasing the supply of sustainable cocoa.
⦁ Enhancement of the quality of cocoa produced, for example through the provision of high yielding seedlings.
⦁ Improvement of cost efficiency in sustainable cocoa trade.

Impressions from cocoa sustainability projects

Farmer training on Good Agricultural Practices
GPS polygon farm mapping
Sensitization in worst forms of child labour
High yielding cocoa seedlings distribution

Customer Partnerships

Our customer partnerships are catalysts for our efforts to contribute to a more sustainable cocoa sector. We constantly enhance the specifications of our sustainably sourced cocoa and our M&E and reporting capabilities, so we meet our customers growing expectations of as well as evolving legal requirements, such as the new EU Mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence Directive.
Partnering with us, our customers can adjust their involvement in sustainability through the purchase of sustainable cocoa and investment in selected projects implemented in our cocoa supply chains in Ghana and Nigeria. In turn, we offer them detailed reports providing visibility in the origination and journey of their cocoa as well as progress and impacts made for farmer and cocoa growing communities thanks to their contributions.