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Our Cocoa Division started its operations in 2015, and in a short time has achieved the distinction of becoming one of Nigeria’s leading and trusted exporters of certified sustainable & conventional Nigeria origin Cocoa beans. Vink Corporation has a significant integrated bean-sourcing presence in West Africa, where two-thirds of the world’s cocoa crop is grown.

We have operations in all the major cocoa growing states in South-East & South-West Nigeria namely Abia, Cross Rivers, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo and Osun.

Through the skills and expertise of our people, we are committed to the business of increasing cocoa production in Nigeria through sustainable means from its origination. We are among the very few UTZ/Rain Forest Alliance certified Sustainable Cocoa suppliers from Nigeria, who run their own sustainable cocoa program from Nigeria.

Using the sustainability platform of Rain Forest Alliance, we are driving to achieve sustainable production of cocoa, improve the livelihood of farmers through an improvement in yield, reduction in the use of agrochemicals, eradication of child labour practices across the value chain, and environment conservation.

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We export our beans to customers around the globe, following a strict quality control system that ensures they are processed correctly. This has helped us increase our market share and continue to grow as a company.

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