Our processing facilities in India and Benin manage the processing of Raw Cashew Nut into Cashew by mechanical means, thereby ensuring higher food safety standards. More than 90% of our workforce in our cashew processing facilities in Benin & India are rural women. We have our CNSL processing unit in Benin.
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Our CNSL is sold globally to customers in the USA, EU, India, and China. The processing plant where we use an extremely elaborate processing system is equipped with a skilled workforce that manually shells the nuts and uses world-class machines to mimic the natural curve of the nut, using curved blades to shear through their hard shells in a single swift stroke.

The process of drying cashew nuts is important because it reduces the moisture content of the cashews and prevents them from spoiling. The best way to do this is by sun drying in an open yard for two to three days, depending on the humidity level in your area and the amount of cashews you’re drying at once.

Once your cashews have been dried, they can be roasted. Roasting helps remove the shell without much effort—just steam roast them until they’re warm enough to easily remove their shells. After they’ve been roasted, you’ll want to separate them into blanched and unblanched kernels.
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Next stage in our processing is heating the nuts in a chamber to make the skin more pliable. Then, the skins are separated from the cashews by mixing them with compressed air and brushing them off. The result is graded according to size, colour and quality into more than 25 categories. The cashews are then heated with infra-red rays, after which foreign particles are removed by X-ray machines.

Finally, we conduct a manual cleaning and inspection by line supervisors to ensure that each batch meets our high standards of quality control. They are then packed in a controlled atmosphere of CO2 and nitrogen.

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