Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans are sourced from West Africa, where they are grown and harvested by local farmers. Our integrated sourcing presence in the region allows us to offer high-quality beans at competitive prices. We export our beans to international markets, where they are used for chocolate and other confectionery products.

Cashew Nuts

Known as a high value cash crop, cashew is grown and harvested primarily in West Africa & India where we source cashew nuts and cashew kernels. We are a leading player with presence across the entire spectrum of raw cashew nut trading, cashew processing and cashew kernel trading.


Sesame is a plant seed that has been cultivated for thousands of years and is an important food ingredient for many ancient cultures. We source sesame from Africa, where it is a major export crop. We then package and sell it to Asia, America, and Europe.


We primarily trade Cotton from Africa with Nigerian origin being our Key strength. We trade Cotton Lint from our own ginneries in Nigeria as well as third party gins in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

Grains and Oilseeds

With our deep origination networks, we source high quality Non-GMO Soya Beans from African Origins for sales into Asia and Europe. We also trade in Maize from African origins and import Rice into Africa from Asian Origins.

Feed Ingredients

Our company sources Animal Feed Ingredients mainly from West Africa and exports to Asian, African countries. As one of the leading global suppliers, our main products are Soyabean Meal, Cotton Seed Meal (DOC) and Undecorticated Cotton Cake (UDC).

Specialty Fats

We are a speciality fats exporter, with a focus on quality Sheanut Butter and Palm Kernel Oil produced in our world-class processing facilities in Africa and supplying to international buyers in global markets.